I am Jacob, and this is my portfolio.


I am an all-round selv-thought nerd, and multimediadesigner by education, who likes to solve problems and create things to make life easier for myself as well as other people.

Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed building things, and watching them grow, and as an adult I started creating web applications.

For example, I created this website from the ground-up to showcase my work, and to demonstrate my coding-skills. The code for the CMS powering this website is available at GitHub: https://github.com/jacobkri/jacobseated.com under Apache license.

Credits for most photos used on the site goes to Christian Mercier (ccmpixart.dk).

Use the top navigation to see examples of things I have made. My Highlighted Projects can be found on the Projects page.

Note. This site is still a work-in-progress, and the CMS is still in development.

My Superpowers

I have a broad set of skills with a <strong> focus on coding, and most things to do with Web Development. I am also very creative, and I know how to use many different programs for both video- and photo editing.

Since my main operating system is now Linux (dual boot with Windows), I have learned to use Open Source programs such as: LibreOffice, OBS, Handbrake, Gimp and Kdenlive. But, I am also able to use "industry standard" Adobe CC, including Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and InDesign.

I am also familiar with 3D Studio MAX, although I have not used it for many years. However, it has given me a feel with 3D modeling and Animation, which might be useful at some point.

Some years ago, I used to make animated Gifs. But, I have since moved on to animated SVGs using CSS and JavaScript.

When I work, I am usually very independent. I solve problems on my own, and come up with my own solutions. I learned early on to use Google before asking questions. It seems like a good approach. Though sometimes it may be faster to just ask.

The History

I started coding and creating websites as a kid, first using plain notepad in Windows, later moving on to editors with Syntax Highlighting. Now, I mainly use Linux with tools as Eclipse and Visual Studio Code.

January 2013 I decided to seek an unpaid internship for a few months as a Web Developer. Doing this time, I was allowed to improve my existing skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

In addition, I also learned more about Linux, how to use AWS (Amazon Web Services), Git, and Bootstrap.

It was doing this time I decided to go back to school, aiming to get an education. However, first I had to finish high school, and this took me a few years. This is required to join higher education in Denmark.

October 2017 I started studying Multimedia Design and Communication at KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology).

The education has a very broad focus, covering many of my existing interests. Including video editing, marketing, business, SEO and web development.

June 2019 finished the education in Multimedia Design and Communication.

Where I am going

My plan is to continue sharpening my skills in all aspects of web-development, possibly seeking further education later, and maybe even start my own company.

Currently (As of September 2019) I am looking for a job, so if you have something that might interest me, be sure to send me a tip! I highly appreciate the tips you send me, but please note I might not always answer the phone. You got the best chance of reaching me via e-mail.