Highlighted Projects

Highlighted Projects are hand-picked by me, and is at a certain level of completeness and quality, and usually actively developed.

Personal Projects

  1. Beamtic
  2. PHP Photo Gallery


Beamtic is a successful tutorial site with around 50.000 visitors per month. I coded the CMS myself from the ground up, and I am trying to migrate some of the code to GitHub. I use the CMS for related personal projects.

Why not use Wordpress or Drupal rather than creating your own CMS?

Both Wordpress and Drupal has, historically, been plagued by security problems. Scripts exists to scan for known vulnerabilities, and bots tend to scan websites at random. I do have a Drupal site, but it has been hacked several times.

Security is not my main reason for creating my own CMS. I mainly did it to learn, and once my CMS reached a fairly high level, I realized it was much better than using existing solutions, since I am in full control of everything.

PHP Photo Gallery

PHP Photo Gallery was created because I needed a simple photo gallery, and since I was unable to find any free Wordpress plugins at the time, I got angry and decided to make my own gallery using build-in capabilities of PHP.

The project is fully open source, and is available on GitHub.

You can also check out the demo on the website. One of my friends is a photographer, and is using it on his own website: ccmpixart.dk